Ibm security dating apps

Researchers examining more than 40 dating apps available in the google play store say 26 of them contain security risks of varying severity this is of particular concern when the app is used on a business device, says the team. Dating sites have always been host to fraud, most often of the low-level, “yes of course that’s a recent photo,” sort of caper but take that standard human vu. Ibm said it had not so far seen a rash of security breaches due to dating apps as opposed to any other kind of social media meanwhile, it recommends that dating app users limit the personal information they divulge, use unique passwords on every online account, apply the latest software patches and keep track of what permissions each.

Ibm security found that 60% of dating apps have security issues which put users personal data at risk the analysis also found that 1 out of 2 companies have employees using these apps on work mobile devices ibm is providing some tips for consumers and businesses to defend themselves. Ibm security develops intelligent enterprise security solutions and services to help your business prepare today for the cyber security threats of tomorrow.

Discover ibm's portfolio of security services for governments mobile app ibm security insights find out how employee installed dating apps create security.

Ibm security also warned of cross-site scripting via mitm, made possible by an insecure wi-fi connection or rogue access point this could potentially allow an attacker to access features available to the dating app, such as camera, gps and microphone. 2 ibm security analysis: dating apps vulnerabilities & risks to enterprises the analysis was done based on apps available in the google play app store in october 2014.

According to ibm security, more than 60 percent of mobile dating apps are vulnerable to cyber attacks. A new ibm report details potential vulnerabilities in many popular dating apps that could negatively affect your organization's mobile security.

As more people utilize mobile dating applications to find companionship, the apps have become more attractive to potential attackers this study explores mobile security vulnerabilities that were detected by ibm appscan mobile analyzer on the android platform, and provides helpful advice.

As if online dating weren't fraught with enough pitfalls , an ibm study published yesterday found that 26 of 41 popular android dating apps, or 63%, had medium to severe security. Ibm did not name the vulnerable apps but said it had alerted the app publishers to problems. More than 60% of dating apps are vulnerable to cyberattacks, according to ibm security.

Ibm security dating apps
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